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Dalma Rena


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From: Greece


She is a modern folk singer. She has performed at many night stages and has released many LPs.


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Most popular

1. Mes stis polis to hamam (3:15)
2. Vradia aximerota (3:18)
3. Mine se parakalo (3:17)
4. Magisses ferte votana (3:06)
5. To haremi sto hamam (3:13)
6. Exo dertia ke kaimi (3:19)
7. Latria mou (3:51)
8. Sta matia sou petheni ... (4:06)
9. Exo dertia ke kaimi (3:19)
10. Mes to prasino to milo (3:03)

On Air

Den erotevome (ola kala)

by Hrispa

Ta matia sou thimizoun kalokeria

by Blase

S' agapo


Eho perasi ke hirotera


Oso o kosmos tha ehi esena


Mia fora sto toso

by Malú


22 January 11
22 January 11, 00:32