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Fragkoulis Tasos


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From: Greece, Lakkopetra


Tasos Fragkoulis’s origins are from Lakkopetra of Ahaia. The early 80’s was the time when he begun his career by singing on a wedding. He was discovered by Mihalis Kalogeropoulos and a few years later he was performing on night clubs stages and concerts. He gave hundreds of concerts and released many albums, he also cooperated with many famous artists.


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Most popular

1. Asteri ise matia mou (3:43)
2. Tetia mi mou kanis (3:22)
3. Kommatia eho gini (3:10)
4. Se ida xetrelathika (1:26)
5. Eho adinamies (3:20)
6. Eho kardiohtipia (3:18)
7. Kernao apopse (4:06)
8. Ematha pos giortazis (3:32)
9. Ekana polla gia sena (3:23)
10. Oles i gardenies (3:19)

On Air

Edo na dite ti pathane tora


Prota prota sto girismo ap' tin Tria


As ton afisoume tora na kimate


Gia fantastite fili mou


Pio psila


Emena omos


Molis ton ide i Danai



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