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Jane Doe


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Founded: 2006
From: Greece


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Most popular

1. My Name Was Always Water (3:37)
2. All The Poets Are Dead (3:46)
3. Bank Anthem (3:27)
4. Ugly Man (3:47)
5. This Is My Youth (3:29)
6. There's No Tv In Me (3:41)
7. Tangerine (7:06)
8. Rescue Remedy (5:31)
9. No Signals (3:08)

On Air

Mia kalimera


Htipisan arga


Tha erthi mono mia stigmi


Pente pano pente kato


Me skotose giati tin agapousa


Mia ine i ousia


Kato ap' to poukamiso mou



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