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Karagiorgi Soula


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Born: 1914


An actor of a musical theatre who made her first appearance on theatre stage and discography in 1932. She retired from music industry in 1960.


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Most popular

1. Kenourgios eros (3:15)
2. Giati na figis (3:18)
3. Maro (3:14)
4. Skliri kardia (3:09)
5. Logia glika (3:03)
6. Maro (3:15)
7. Mariou (3:21)
8. Kenourios eros (3:15)
9. Giati na xehasis (3:14)
10. Kenourgios eros (3:23)

On Air

Den miloun i margarites


Roufa to tromboni (Deejay Milto K. Club Edit)


Otan ponao to glentao


To vals ton hamenon oniron


Otan ponao to glentao (Dj Tonis Edit)


Thelo na me niosis


Kapou iparhi i agapi mou



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