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Karagiorgi Soula


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Born: 1914


An actor of a musical theatre who made her first appearance on theatre stage and discography in 1932. She retired from music industry in 1960.


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Most popular

1. Kenourgios eros (3:15)
2. Giati na figis (3:18)
3. Maro (3:14)
4. Skliri kardia (3:09)
5. Logia glika (3:03)
6. Maro (3:15)
7. Mariou (3:21)
8. Kenourios eros (3:15)
9. Giati na xehasis (3:14)
10. Kenourgios eros (3:23)

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Sta bouzoukia na me pas


I doulia kani tous antres


I doulia kani tous antres


Min tou milate tou pediou


Avti mou menoun ki avti pou fevgoun



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