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Kouloukakis Giannis


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Born: 1935
Died: 2002
From: Greece, Piraeus


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Most popular

1. San ke tin kardia mou ... (2:48)
2. Ine arga mitera mou (3:17)
3. O taxitzis (2:39)
4. O stambarismenos (3:18)
5. Anixe tin porta (2:52)
6. O kosmos simera (3:10)
7. Pou na vro dikeosini (3:32)
8. Ta dio hastoukia (3:14)
9. Ine ola matea (3:21)
10. An esi me xehases, se ... (3:01)

On Air

Sun In My Pocket

by Loncville

Not Myself Tonight

by Christina Aguilera

Otan hamilonoume to fos


Dance The Way I Feel

by Ou Est Le Swimming Pool

Emis (Elias Tzikas Remix)


Omorfos kosmos





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