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Loudovikos ton Anogion


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Born: 28-01-1951
From: Greece, Anogia, Crete


Loudovikos was born in Anoghia, on the foot of mt. Psiloritis, Crete. His childhood, full of domestic chores, was a tough one. He was helping his family as a shepherd; transporting cheese and lumber from the mountain back to his village was one of his daily duties. However, Loudovikos was into painting and this hobby helped him to escape his daily routine, make some money and travel throughout Europe.
His career in music began while Manos Hadjidakis was in Anogia to participate in cultural event. Manos heard by chance Loudovikos and his friends playing mandolins and singing. That was the beginning of a long journey. Loudovikos, with the immense help of Manos Hadjidakis, recorded his first disk in 1985, under the title ‘Mirologia’, an anthology of Cretan funeral and mourning songs.
Loudovikos’ discography comprises of 10 albums: ‘Mirologia’, ‘O Erotas stin Kriti ine Melanxolikos’, ‘Xainis’, ‘Xarmatoussa’, ‘To Meintani’, ‘I Pili tis ammou’, ‘To ohi apokimithike stin agalia tou ne’, ‘Erotokritos: Four approaches the medieval romance’, ‘Anixa mantarini’, ‘The Colours of Love’.


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Most popular

1. Pio to hroma tis agapis (4:09)
2. Prologos (1:06)
3. Taxidi stin poli (4:20)
4. To xero pos iparhis (2:12)
5. I agapi tragoudiete panta (4:22)
6. Bit - Pazar (4:23)
7. Meril (3:40)
8. To rodi (4:31)
9. O navtis (3:43)
10. Ki inta den kani o ero... (3:15)

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Ela ipne apo tin poli

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Fengaraki mou lambro

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Nani nani nani tou

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Eho ena spitaki

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Ela ipne ke pare to

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