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Founded: 1964
Disbanded: 1968
From: Greece, Rhodes


This is the first band from the country side that managed to record a single for a major label. Originally from Rhodes, they released "Run Around of a Girl"/"I'm Looking in the Universe" in 1967; a truly primitive garage single.


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Most popular

1. I'm Looking In The Uni... (2:59)
2. I'm Looking In The Uni... (2:59)
3. Run Around Of A Girl (2:19)
4. I'm Looking In The Uni... (2:59)

On Air

Edo na dite ti pathane tora


Prota prota sto girismo ap' tin Tria


As ton afisoume tora na kimate


Gia fantastite fili mou


Pio psila


Emena omos


Molis ton ide i Danai



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