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Born: 11-01-1968
Web site: www.clarinet.gr
From: Greece, Athens


Manos Achalinotopoulos was born and grew up in Athens he lived with his Asia Minor origin parents.
At the age of 9, he started learning to play the flute and clarinet. After finishing high school, he studied Education and then Political Science in Athens University.
Since his young age he participated in traditional music performances collaborating with many musicians specialized in this kind of musical idiom, like: Tassia Verra, Chronis Aidonides, George koros, Aristidis Moschos e.t.c.
In 1987, he is awarded with the prize of best soloist at the festival of Ithaca, while in 1986 he participates with Greek group at the Pan-Mediterranean Festival of Folklore Music at Valencia in Spain and at Corsica.
In 1991, he was chosen as the best soloist in clarinet to participate at the East - West Musical Meeting and Tour with Peter Kowald, Charlie Mariano, Okay Temiz, Radi Abou Khalil, Daily Ross and others.
In 1993, together with composer and lyre player Elias Papadopoulos, he creates the musical group "Ellispontos" and that way organizes various activities (recordings, television and live performances) in Hellas and aboard.


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1. To tragoudaki tou klar... (2:51)
2. Iakinthos (6:13)
3. Skepasti agora (pazari) (5:03)
4. Fotografia (5:21)
5. Vakhiko (7:06)
6. Rom (4:14)
7. Vakhiko (7:07)
8. Isagogi sto Rom (1:42)
9. Kokkina filla (3:19)
10. Frasia (3:24)

On Air

De variese, de variese


To himona sillogieme


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Prin klisoume ta matia mou


Gineka tis nihtas koureli




Hasapiko me baglama



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