Bellou Sotiria


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Born: 22-08-1921
Died: 27-08-1997
From: Greece, Drosia, Euboea


Sotiria Bellou (1921–1997) was a famous Greek singer and performer of the Greek rebetiko type of music
Sotiria Bellou was born in Halia of Euboia. She was the oldest of 5 siblings of a wealthy family. Her father, who was particularly fond of her, was an Orthodox priest. As a little girl Sotiria would go to church along with her father and she would absorb the religious sounds and Byzantine hymns. A movie featuring the popular singer Sophia Vempo was the catalyst that pushed her to pursue an artistic career.
In 1940 she decided to move to Athens. Her arrival in Athens coincided with World War II and a new challenging period started for Bellou. Her family completely lost touch with her. They found her again after 7 years, singing with legendary rebetiko composer Vassilis Tsitsanis. In the meantime, she had worked in many different jobs. One night she was working at a rebetiko club as a waitress and sang two songs after a bet with a client. Kimonas Kapetanakis happened to be there and recognised her genuine talent.
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1. Zeimbekiko (2:55)
2. Ida ki epatha kira mou (3:10)
3. Ximeroni ke vradiazi (3:03)
4. Min kles (4:17)
5. Ta rembetika mas mes s... (2:34)
6. Tis xenes portes mi ht... (3:33)
7. Sinnefiasmeni Kiriaki (3:26)
8. Otan simvi sta perix (3:11)
9. Girna sti zoi tin proti (3:09)
10. Ela file (4:23)

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Otan tha lavis avto to gramma


Glikoharazi avgerinos


Afiste me na kimitho


Se nomiza gia filo mou


Ap' ta polla mou vasana



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