Bezos Kostas (A. Kostis)


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Born: 1905
Died: 14-01-1943
From: Greece, Bolati, Korynthos


(Bezos Kostas (A. KOSTIS))
Kostas Bezos (1905-1943) was born in a village near Corinth in Greece and was a guitarist who not only played rebetika songs, the typical Greek style of the era, but also steel guitar in Hawaiian style. He recorded songs between the 1930’s and the 1940’s for Columbia and His Master’s Voice. The rebetika songs were released under the pseudonym of A. Kostis or K. Kostis. Apparently he recorded more Hawaiian songs but it is easier to find his Greek songs on cd. Maybe some record collectors have 78rpm recordings.
Pame sti Honoloulou was recorded in Athens, Greece, in the early 30s by Bezo’s Hawaiian Guitar Ensemble.  The song, a comic / romantic one, is about the lure of the islands and translate as Let’s go to Honolulu. Bezos sings, and yodels !
Another song is Ta Aspra Poulia Sta Vouna (The White Birds in the Mountains), recorded in Athens in 1936, no yodel here but a funny intro, animal sounds and surf like guitar. I’ve read that another name of the group could be Aspra Poulia (White Birds) Hawaiian Orchestra but maybe it’s just the title of the song.


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Most popular

1. Isouna xipoliti (1:38)
2. Trela pera gia pera (3:29)
3. I filaki ine sholio (4:11)
4. Toumbeleki - toumbeleki (4:10)
5. O Giannis o hasiklis (3:38)
6. Troumba (4:05)
7. Mourmouriko zeimbekiko (4:32)
8. I filaki ine sholio (4:10)
9. Isouna xipoliti (3:56)
10. Rast' e tou teke (4:00)

On Air

Idou o nimfios erhete


Menexedenia ta vouna


O horos tou nerou


Tin agapi gia na mathis


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