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Born: 01-1974
From: Greece, Athens


Born January ’74, in Athens, Greece, producer, Dj and co-founder of Cast-a- blast label, Blend aka Mishkin is an authority on alliances, partnering, and coalitions. His Album history manages to absorb, entertain, and interest all sorts of listeners, and continues to do so at a rapid pace. Latest albums «Sudden Death (a field guide)» and «Think Twice» by Palov & Mishkin is the perfect example of his everlasting need for diversity.
During 2005 he forms the «Blend Sextet», a six piece band in need to perform his work live and by 2006 he and fellow dj Palov unite to create the infamous Palov & Mishkin dj duet and re-edit extraordinaires. In the same year Blend co-founds label/ collective Cast-a-Blast based in Athens, which is expanding worldwide with a swift growth of releases and a remarkable list of artists.
Since 1998 he has been releasing records, some of them in highly aclaimed labels such as N.Y’s Shadow records, Cooking /Good Looking (UK), Pork (UK), Gamm Enterprises inc (Swe), Rebtuz/Tru Thoughts (UK) and Lovemonk (SP) to name a few.


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Most popular

1. Smoke (2:55)
2. Press Forward (Illbred... (4:28)
3. Press Forward (Album V... (2:57)
4. Press Forward (Dubbers... (4:25)
5. Press Forward (Bncrmx.) (2:59)
6. Sixteen Million Beats (3:10)
7. Afro (More Afro Version) (7:07)
8. Reach Out (6:09)
9. Fuck The System - Use ... (3:28)
10. Something Different On... (3:46)

On Air

Agios magkas


Thelo na paris i.h.


Tha 'thela na 'soun to teri mou


Sou sfirizo


Ti in' avto pou to lene agapi


Mia gineka dio antres


Ego tha kopso to krasi



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