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Born: 16-05-1947
From: Greece, Thessaloniki


Katia Dandoulaki is an Academy Award nominated Greek theatre, television and film actress, former fashion model and recording artist. She is best known for her role as protagonist Virna Drako on the Greek television series Lampsi in the 1990s and is widely accepted by critics as one of the greatest theatre and stage actresses of modern times.
Katia Dandoulaki starred in many popular Greek films, like Papaflessas (1971) with Dimitris Papamixail. But her big popularity came when she portraited Marmo Panteou, an adulterous young wife, in the classic tv series "Pantheoi, Oi" (1977), based on a classic novel by Tassos Athanassiadis. During the 90s she starred as Virna Drakou in a popular Greek soap opera of Nikos Foskolos Lampsi.
She also played Maria Callas in Terence MacNally's Master Class, and Blanche in A Streetcar Named Desire. She was one of the basic stars in the TV series, "Istera irthan oi melisses" (2000), directed by Yiannis Koutsomitis. It was one of the few successes that ET1, the state TV channel, had in the last few years.


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1. The Child And The Sea (4:08)
2. Nothing But The Sea (4:41)
3. Leaving Again (3:55)
4. Keria (1:29)
5. The Child And The Sea (4:08)
6. Leaving Again (3:55)
7. I polis (1:57)
8. Katia (2:44)
9. I fovi tou mesimeriou (3:11)
10. Epistrofi sto Rethimno (3:53)

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Grhgorhs Goysios
19 January 11
19 January 11, 23:07
Makis Nikas
27 January 11
27 January 11, 06:13
mia ap tis teleytaies foteines parousies ths Ellados ..pisth sthn Texnh ton Politismo kai ta Grammata.na s exei o Ypsistos gerh kai dynath..
Θεανώ Κωνσταντινίδου
9 February 11
Την λατρέυω ξεχωρίζει απο τα σούργελα του θεάματος γενικότερα. Θα ήθελα οσο τίποτα στον κόσμο να την έχω φίλη μου, που ξέρεις γίνονται και θαύματα. Αγαπημένη μου πιστεύω να έρθει το μήνυμα στα χέρια σου. Ευχαριστώ.
Maria Antonopoulou
12 February 11
12 February 11, 13:34
eisaste polu omorfh!!!