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Born: 16-02-1987
On site from: 20 July 10, 16:43
From: Greece, Volos


Dj Alimba aka Aliprantis Spiros was born in Greece, at Volos city, loved music since he was a child. His influence is mostly from Rock, Pop, Trance, Techno, House, Disco, Cill out and soundtrack bands and musicians. He always want to discover new genres of music and invent new ones. All these love about music lead him to the music production, and…
In the age of 15 discover the E-Jay and produce some tracks. But soon he wanted more power and freedom to music production. After some research and in the age of 18 discover the Image Line FL Studio. After 4 years of self studying and experiment on music production and mixing, decided to take it more serious and work as a professional.
After hard work, in 20th July 2010 releases his first album named “Dreams of the Past”.
Which it contains 12 unique Trance style tracks, one remix and one bonus track. All this music it’s a blend of rock tones with trance melodies and some of these has an opera style vocals combined with pure trance melodies.
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My latest dj set

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10 August 10, 09:39

Most popular

1. Amaze the night (5:09)
2. Loneliness (5:18)
3. Dark cloud (4:53)
4. Techno unlimited (3:35)
5. Ups & Downs (5:00)
6. The Valley of heaven (3:40)
7. Groove Up (3:45)
8. The Dream of the Undre... (3:53)
9. Far away from here (7:31)

On Air

Girna xana


Kakia sinithia (Valentino Remix)


Kakia sinithia (Valentino Remix)


Pente ellines ston Adi


Pente magkes ston Pirea




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12 October 15
9 August 10, 16:32
Hello friends...
This is my latest dj set...

Enjoy it...
31 July 12
30 August 10, 16:12
I like the general picture of the song, but in my opinion it needs more bit in order to be more dynamic.
Of course, I am not musician, it is just how I see it.
12 October 15
28 September 10, 19:48
Hmmm yes you are right...but remeber you don't need to be a musician to suggest something...It's a matter of feel!!

If you have time check up my latest music updates on:

/redirect?url= &hash=dc36473f2b74ad9c9938e51b9ce9cab5



Best regards

Dj Alimba
12 October 15
22 October 10, 13:11
Hey What's up?
Don't forget to take a look to my web site! :shock:

Thank's for your support!!!!! :mrgreen:
12 October 15
14 December 10, 13:37
Hey friends!!
Check up this album review! It is my first one!!
so enjoy it!!! :)

12 October 15
18 December 10, 10:58
Ladies and gentlemen,

DJ Alimba's Beyond Milkyway is released! This 2.00€ package contains 4 tracks :) You can find the album here:


No registration recquired!

Keep supporting great music! :)

16 February 11
3 January 11, 08:27
how are you?
i am kurdish and i want learn more about greek musics ,but i donot know how ?
your songs are good
12 October 15
3 January 11, 12:38
I'm fine thank's!!
Nice to meet you Ametis.

Well, this article it might help you a bit: /redirect?url= &hash=dd5b8012ad654e5952fe9752723e71fb

If you have Facebook you can listen Greek electronic music here: /redirect?url=!/pages/Greek-Cloud/157748300910594 &hash=04ed6616be0ad50a38ca7ebb5ca24438

Or here: /redirect?url=

I hope to help you...
But if you need more help...just ask me...
Best Regards
Dj Alimba
16 February 11
9 January 11, 20:27
thanks much for your Answer.:mrgreen:

with regards