Evgenikos Thanasis


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Died: 1985
From: Greece, Samos


Thanasis Evgenikos well known as “Samiotis” was born and raised in Samos by wealthy parents. He was a great guitar player and his discographic career had just begun in 1930. His first album was released in 1934 and many other albums and releases were followed. He cooperated with many famous Greek artists. He moved to USA where he passed away in 1985.
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Most popular

1. Sinnefiasmeni Kiriaki (3:44)
2. Pare me hare pare me (3:20)
3. Sinnefiasmeni ke varia (3:25)
4. I tsinganes (3:28)
5. Ti me rotas manoula mou (3:12)
6. Girna sto spiti sou xana (3:26)
7. Klafte kopeles (3:31)
8. I zitiana (3:28)
9. To pedi tis nihtas (3:05)
10. Ela giatre mou min argis (3:21)

On Air

O ouranos fevgi varis




Ime i Maria sou


Thelo na mino monos mou


Arhise na les


Aspra mou poulia


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