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Founded: 1994


Family The Label was formed in 1994 by Nikos Vourliotis btter known as Nivo and Mihalis Papathanasiou. In 1995 TNS joined the group, in 1995 Ominus and DJ’s, in 2004 NEBMA and Taraxias and Thirio in 2005 were the last members who joined the “Family”. In 2007 TNS and Ominus and DJ’s left the team.


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Most popular

1. Kalimera Ellada (4:40)
2. Psila to kefali (3:59)
3. Min kanis pos de thimase (4:22)
4. To sima (4:08)
5. Garifalle garifalle (4:13)
6. Anamesa mas (4:00)
7. Club Virus (3:45)
8. Se parakalo (3:21)
9. Zoi mou (4:26)
10. Den kano diakopes (3:53)

On Air

Idou o nimfios erhete


Menexedenia ta vouna


O horos tou nerou


Tin agapi gia na mathis


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