Hatzigiannis Mihalis


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Born: 05-11-1979
From: Cyprus, Levkosia


Early years and Career in Cyprus
Hatzigiannis was born in Nicosia, Cyprus on 5 November 1979, although his parents originate from Keryneia, from where they fled following the Turkish invasion of Cyprus in 1974. He is a graduate of the Cyprus Music Academy (Royal College of London) with a degree in piano, guitar and music theory.
When he was 15, he participated in a song contest in Cyprus, "Afetiries" where he won the first prize. In 1995, he participated in the Cypriot National Final for the Eurovision Song Contest 1995 with the song "Filise Me", although he did not win. He started his career in Cyprus with three records that all went platinum: "Senario", "O Mihalis Hatzigiannis Traguda Doro Georgiadi" and "Epafi". He also participated in a musical production in Cyprus called "Pygmalion".
In May 1998 he represented Cyprus in the Eurovision Song Contest. He performed the song "Γένεσις" (Yenesis - Genesis), a composition of his own and took the 11th position.


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Most popular

1. Se enan tiho (3:41)
2. Tris zoes (4:11)
3. Tris zoes (4:11)
4. Ekdromi (3:57)
5. Genesis (Eurovision 1998) (3:07)
6. O Kalos, o Kakos ke o ... (5:34)
7. Silent Night - Agia nikta (3:48)
8. To kalitero psema (4:11)
9. Ise edo (3:29)
10. Na mou exigisis (4:02)

On Air

Tha figo mana de boro


Ap' ta psila sta hamila


Pare to dakri mou voria


Ekana to dakri mou melani


Mavrise o ouranos


To romantzo mas


Apopse me parapono


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