Hatzinasios Hristos


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Born: 1978
From: Greece, Athens


Christos Hadjinassios was born 27 years ago in Athens. He studied shipping and classical piano and it was music that eventually won him over, due to his family’s large musical background.
His journey into the world of music is stigmatized by many significant collaborations.
From December of 2002 up until February of 2003 he is to be found along side his father and well known Greek composer George Hatzinassios in the Vergina Theater, and in the summer of that year they give concerts throughout Greece.
In winter of 2004 he prformes in TABOO following the guiding steps of his father and collaborating with the likes of Christos Nikolopoulos and Manto.
In the summer of 2004 he is part of a very young cast of singers in the beachside Thallasa together with Ellena Paparizou, Theno Petreli, Nino and Apostolia Zoi.
In the winter of 2004 until March of 2005 he collaborates with Tolis Voskopoulos and Litsa Giagousi at CAN-CAN and a month later comes a very successful concert at the ATHENS MEGARON with the Halkida Symphonic Orchestra.


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Most popular

1. Simera (3:49)
2. Etsi milao stis anamnisis (3:07)
3. Den ise eki (3:55)
4. Itan mia fora ki enan ... (5:49)
5. Apopse den eho theo (3:58)
6. S' eho anagki (5:10)
7. Tora ematha na petao (4:00)
8. Dos' mou (5:35)
9. Faros (2:33)
10. S' opion aresoume (3:17)

On Air

Idou o nimfios erhete


Menexedenia ta vouna


O horos tou nerou


Tin agapi gia na mathis


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