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From: Germany, Bad Nauheim


Alexandros Hatzis, was born in Bad Nauheim, Germany by Ursula von Jordis.
Even though he believes that someone “is born an artist”, he strongly believes that he should evolve and improve his skills without however intervening in the DNA of his talent.
This notion of development was passed on to him by his father, Greek interpreter composer and poet Kostas Hatzis. He attended seminars of phonetics and breathing by the well known professor of Monody, Drama and Byzantine Music Thanasis Arampatzis.
In 1991 he devoted himself to singing and made his first appearance next to his father in summer concerts interpreting gypsy songs, and earning for first time the attention of public.
In 1992 he made his first album with BMG, singing his father’s music. The album was entitled “Alexandros sings Kosta Hatzi” and contained the hit song, “Zitas na figo” (lyrics by Elia Zervoy and Sofia Vossou).
During the winter of 1994 his collaboration with Marinella at the REX theatre, gave him a big career push.


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Most popular

1. Hirovomvida (3:21)
2. Bipaesko (3:57)
3. Ti na to kano to fili (2:45)
4. Otan me dite na milo (0:55)
5. Kaimos (1:42)
6. Kathe proi pou xanarhizi (1:12)
7. Apolipen o Theos Antonion (1:38)
8. Hartino fili (3:26)
9. Se potisa rodostamo (1:49)
10. Ke legomaste anthropi (4:31)

On Air

Idou o nimfios erhete


Menexedenia ta vouna


O horos tou nerou


Tin agapi gia na mathis


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