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Born: 05-02-1960
From: Greece, Athens


Aris Christofellis (Greek: Άρης Χριστοφέλλης) is a sopranist (male soprano) who was born in Athens on 5 February 1960. After studying piano in Athens and Paris, he decided to concentrate on developing his singing voice.
He made his debut in Bordeaux in 1984. In 1985 he sang Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's "Exultate, jubilate" at Cannes Midem Classique inauguration concert, where he was received enthusiastically by both the public and the critics.
His repertoire extends from Renaissance to contemporary music, but he focuses on the Italian baroque opera of the eighteenth century. As a musicologist, he has brought to light many works of this period and has dealt in particular with the ornamentation of the vocal music of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. In addition to lieder and folk songs, he concentrates mainly on Baroque opera.


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1. I balanta ton skoupidion (2:33)
2. Kitrino (2:13)
3. To aidoni tou avtokratora (1:59)

On Air

Sigkathisto samariniotiko (Seated Song Of Samarina)


Tin perdika pou piasate (The Partridge You Caught)


Agkiniara (Artichoke, Tsamikos Dance)


Liga psihoula agapis


Alla mou len ta matia sou



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