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From: Greece, Athens


Elena Iliadi,she is a professional Greek singer for 12 years.She expressed her love about music from a young age.Her first sounds of music came from her grand-father who was a musician violinist.Later she studed classical music,mezzo-soprano and piano for 6 years.She started singing in bouats and hotels with Greek and foreign songs.

In 2000 she had her first album with 12 popular Greek songs with the title ‘My Best Friend’.

Composers and musician of this album were: D.Panagopoulos,T.Pasvantis,P.Pasvanti,G.Mpithikotsis,Sarikos.Mpaos,Nikolopoulos and others well-known in Greece.The success of the cd was big.The song with the title’Erota Aliti’ was on the top-ten songs of that time.

She had lots of appearances in musical stage in Greece and abroad (Europe and Africa) with success having always the support and the love of the people.

Recently she completed this new album with title’Voice Of Greece’ with Greek and English songs.
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Most popular

1. Agony (3:36)
2. Agony (3:36)
3. Erota aliti (2:56)
4. Eklepses ton ilio mou (4:01)
5. San angelos (3:03)
6. Afou den s' eho (4:34)
7. Kita me sta matia (4:04)
8. Eftase to telos (3:59)
9. Opios agapa (3:59)
10. Mathe n' agapas (4:01)

On Air

De variese, de variese


To himona sillogieme


Mi figis apo mena


Prin klisoume ta matia mou


Gineka tis nihtas koureli




Hasapiko me baglama


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24 November 11
25 August 11, 00:21
Elena Iliadi mia yperoxi foni me polles epityxies sto eksoteriko kai panemorfi ,lamperi opos panta.:P:P:P:P:P

24 November 11
25 August 11, 00:25