Imam Baildi


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Born: 2006
On site from: 24 December 10, 11:52
From: Greece, Athens


Orestis Falireas - dj, programming, bass
Lysandros Falireas- drums, percussion
Giannis Diskos - clarinet, alto sax, bagpipe
Periklis Aliopis - trumpet
Minas Liakos - el.guitar
Alexis Arapatsakos - bouzouki, lute
Haris Kremmydas - sound engineer
After a few successful experiments with old Greek tunes we liked from our father's collection of 78rpm vinyls, we decided to produce an entire album using samples from Greek tunes from the 40's, 50's and 60's. The outcome is hard to describe in terms of genre since all the tracks vary in style. Nevertheless, all of them carry the oriental vibes of the original tracks. The idea was to bring forward some of these forgotten gems from Greek artists of the past century and blend them with modern sounds and rhythm into something new and unique. It took a lot of experimentation and loads of time and effort because what we most feared was ending up with a cheap sounding boxy beat over an old sample pattern. We focused on truly blending old and new, in bringing every addition under the old recordings' skin.
Edited by Imam Baildi  (16.02.2011)


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Τα εισιτήρια για το ARK Festival Βόλου μπορούν να αγοραστούν με την Τοπική Εναλλακτική Μονάδα (ΤΕΜ)

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27 March 12, 02:19
Στα πλαίσια στήριξης της τοπικής κοινωνίας, τo ARK Festival Βόλου συνεργάζεται με το Δίκτυο Ανταλλαγών και Αλληλεγγύης Mαγνησίας και προσφέρει στα μέλη του Δικτύου και στους κατοίκους της Μαγνησίας τη δυνατότητα να προμηθευτούν το εισιτήριό τους για το φεστιβάλ με την Τοπική Εναλλακτική...

Most popular

1. I zoi mas ine ligi (5:49)
2. To diko sou to marazi (5:43)
3. Akrogialies dilina (3:47)
4. To minore tis avgis (4:33)
5. Poso lipame (4:20)
6. Logia antallaxame varia (3:43)
7. Samba Clarina (4:13)
8. Ta pedia tis gitonias sou (3:56)
9. De thelo pia na xanarthis (3:34)
10. Carantino Manouche (4:11)

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Kakia sinithia (Valentino Remix)


Kakia sinithia (Valentino Remix)


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