Ioannidis Tasos


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Born: 1950
From: Greece, Florina


The great composer Tasos Ioannidis was born in Florina where he finished the school. Later he moved to Australia to study computer programming in RMIT College of Melbourne. He continued his studies in New England University particularly in theatre music composing. He has composed music for many movies and TV shows. Nowdays he lives in Steni, Greece.


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Most popular

1. Mousikoarithmitiki (2:52)
2. Ta pontikia sto psigio (3:10)
3. Ta mirmigkia sto sholio (2:59)
4. Ta kavourakia (4:02)
5. Ahinos (1:54)
6. I vatrahi (3:49)
7. To kinigito (2:45)
8. Dio (0:59)
9. Me hahana ke lahana (3:03)
10. I taxi (4:21)

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Eho kardia


Ftei o erotas


Gineka ego


Den ponas


Esi ti les



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