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Nikos Karakalpakis is a graduate of the department of musicology, at the University of Athens and unanimously honored in the contemporary music department, at the National Conservatory of Athens.
He’s been musically active since his early student years, mainly as a chorister, in major concerts at large venues (Athens Concert Hall, Herodes Atticus Odeon etc). Nikos started working professionally in late 2004, he has performed in various venues all over Greece, working with well known artists and also has been in charge of music programs and performances. He had the privilege to collaborate with great Greek composers like Yiannis Spanos, George Hatzinasios and Pighi Likoudi.
The immediacy as well as the theatricality of his stage presence and vocal range, allow him to interpret many kinds of music genres. In November 2011 Nikos sang at the Patriarchate of Constantinople, in the presence of His Eminence Patriarch of Constantinople city, Master Bartholomew.
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