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Born: 1982
From: Greece, Lamia


 In her hometown near the port city of Volos, Vasiliki Karakosta hones her musical skills from an early age, studying eastern and western traditions in a specialized music high school and later performing in traditional festivals of her area. She is soon discovered by the Athenian music scene and collaborates with legendary composer/performer Dionysus Savvopoulos (Aristophanes-The Acharnians), musician/songwriter Nikos Portokaloglou (who composes her first solo album “Svoura”, Sony BMG) and others. Vasiliki also performs with the likes of master clarinetist Petro Loukas Halkias in Greece and abroad, fortifying her love of and technique in demotic music. Yet Vasiliki’s true talent is in weaving her own unique fabric on the loom of these traditions, urban and rural, contemporary and old, Byzantine, western. Her voice contains their history yet never mimics or reproduces. Its quality is matched by the excellence of her handpicked musicians who range from virtuoso lute players to rock guitarists, from Balkan brass bands to classically trained cellists.


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"Sleep Out" την Παρασκευή 30/3 στην πλατεία Κλαυθμώνος

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29 March 12, 21:58
Η ΚΛΙΜΑΚΑ συνεχίζοντας την μακρόχρονη προσπάθεια αντιμετώπισης του προβλήματος των αστέγων, διοργανώνει, την Παρασκευή 30 Μαρτίου 2012, για 7η συνεχή χρονιά, από τις 06:00 μ.μ έως 08:00 π.μ (Σαββάτου 31 Μαρτίου) στην Πλατεία Κλαυθμώνος, βραδιά «Sleep Out» καλώντας τους πολίτες να βιώσουν...

Most popular

1. Ta Kalaznikof (6:03)
2. Voutame gimni (4:21)
3. Astropalia (3:25)
4. Kanis den xeri (3:26)
5. Oso krata ena fili (3:37)
6. Logia (3:29)
7. Ton kero mou hano (3:43)
8. Nikotini (3:30)
9. Siopi (5:24)
10. Posa hrostas (4:07)

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De variese, de variese


To himona sillogieme


Mi figis apo mena


Prin klisoume ta matia mou


Gineka tis nihtas koureli




Hasapiko me baglama



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