Karas Simon


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Born: 1903
Died: 1999
Web site: simonkaras.com
From: Greece, Ηλεία


 Simon Karas is probably the most controversial figure in Byzantine Music history of the 20th century. A number of his students and supporters place him amongst the greatest contributors to Byzantine Music ever. His opponents usually condemn most or all of his work and consider his musical views "heretic" and alienating from the traditional performance style ("ektelesis") of Psaltiki. Others (including the Authors) find positive and negative sides to his work. In this page, we present information regarding Karas' life and work.


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Most popular

1. Tria karavia pane (5:09)
2. Den pikreneste koritsia (2:52)
3. Tis Andronikis (3:08)
4. To diamanti stin Ellada (2:30)
5. Mihalmbeis voulevtike (6:17)
6. Mantilatos (2:34)
7. Sis psiles lignes kopeles (2:34)
8. P' avgeniko ki an vgik... (3:08)
9. Peristeroula ke kalant... (3:07)
10. Hasapiko (3:26)

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Den ine etsi i agapi


Ase me na figo


Pali ta idia


Mia zoi plirono


Les na mi to xero


Xipnia dermbenterissa



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