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From: Greece, Agrinio


Nikos Karibas was born in Agrinio and grew up in Athens. He studied in Medical school (biology labs) and nowdays he works as an officer. Beyond his primary work his profession is poetry, song writing and producing (music CDs).
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Most popular

1. Psihi mou alani (2:51)
2. Eho enan filo (2:04)
3. Ante laouta ke violia (3:12)
4. To televteo mou tsigaro (3:23)
5. Stin Agia Sofia sti poli (3:16)
6. Se kapio oniro (3:51)
7. Fora partida (3:01)
8. Apo ti Naxo sta Thermia (3:56)
9. To meli (2:35)
10. Me isitirio akiro (4:11)

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