Kiranos Giorgos


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From: Greece


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Most popular

1. Se psahno (2:37)
2. Pou na vro mia psihi (2:31)
3. Terma - terma (2:49)
4. Kiria isouna (2:33)
5. Giati mikroula mou (2:48)
6. Kira fotia (2:32)
7. Ehi nomous ke o erotas (2:33)
8. Giati mikroula mou (2:48)
9. Kernao kafe (3:15)
10. Ston erota kapelo (2:15)

On Air

Mono to tsigaro


Himona, fthinoporo


Himona, fthinoporo


Sto pa ke sto xanaleo



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