Kitrina Podilata


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Founded: 11-2000
From: Greece, Athens


George and Alexandros Pantelias are the members of the music band called “KITRINA PODILATA” (lyrics, music, song) that was formed in the beginning of 2000.
They were the inspirers of their first music group (called “anadysi”) which was formed in 1996. With this group they appeared in many music pitches of Aigaleo and Metamorphosi for four continuous seasons. During this, they made also appearances with artists such as Lakis Papadopoulos, Johny Vavouras and the candilacs.
In the winter of 2000 and 2001, with the name KITRINA PODILATA and after their first disco graphical work, they appeared in many music scenes of Athens such as the House Of Art, Stayros tou Notou, Architectoniki, “ston aera”, An club, Kafetheatro. Their first big summer concert was at the Plastira lake (2001) with Katsimixa brothers, while in the summer of 2002 they appeared next to Dionysis Tsaknis and Layrentis Machairitsas in concerts all over Greece and Cyprus. The winter of 2002 they cooperated and appeared along with Orpheas Peridis and Dimitris Starovas in the Theater of songs “METRO”.


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Most popular

1. Ehoume logo (3:36)
2. To oniro (6:00)
3. Mi m' angizis (Dj Dell... (5:11)
4. Agapi mou esi (4:17)
5. Thimase osa ihes pi (4:03)
6. Taxidevo to ego mou (4:06)
7. Tha paro fora (3:40)
8. Tha paro fora (3:50)
9. Yara Yara (4:26)
10. Mono i agapi (4:34)

On Air

To taxidi tis zois


Kiries ke kirii


O thanatos tou klooun


Sto tsirko


I vrohi tou 2000 m.h.


O pio kalos tragoudistis


O z h ps to rombotaki


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