Kouklaki Olga


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Died: 11-1979
From: Greece, Athens


Born in 1979 in Athens-Greece. She started playing the piano at the age of 8 and never quit music since. While having her classical music studies, curiosity brings her into the electronic scene. She starts djing in greek bars and clubs and learns music production. In 2001, she moves to Paris and continues to dj, while taking courses in interior design and contemporary music.
On January 2003 she releases her first track in the UK (Sumsonic.rec.uk) called “Don’t look at me”, using the alias ODD, which contained a remix by Paul Rogers among others. Then starts co-operating with french label Fcommunication participating as a programmer-keybord player in the live project of Jay Alanski (aka Reminiscent Drive).
She records vocals for Fred’s Avril track “Tv Dinner” (album Member’s Only/ Fcom rec). In 2004 she records vocals for Poni Hoax’s track “Budapest” (label Tigersushi) which is released in 2005, receiving great reviews all over Europe, and is included in various compilations like the UK “Fabric 23” and in the french “LesInrocks” monthly magazine.
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