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Born: 31-10-1888
Died: 07-01-1944
From: Greece, Athens


Napoleon Lapathiotis (Ναπολέων Λαπαθιώτης; 31 October 1888 – 7 January 1944) was a Greek poet. A native of Athens, he began writing and publishing poetry when he was eleven. In 1907, along with others, he established the Igiso (Ἡγησώ, from the Attic Greek name Hēgēso) magazine, in which he published his works. In 1909, he graduated from the law school of the University of Athens. His first book of poems was published in 1939.


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6. Oso makreno ap' ton gk... (3:06)
7. Eho en' aidoni sto klouvi (2:53)
8. I agapes mou (4:18)
9. To vasilema pou pefti (3:03)
10. I lipimeni (3:32)

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