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Born: 23-08-1949
From: Greece, Corfu


Vicky Leandros (born August 23, 1952), daughter of singer, musician and composer Leandros Papathanasiou (known as Leo Leandros - composer pseudonym Mario Panas) is a Greek singer with a long international career.
She was born Vassiliki Papathanasiou in Paleokastritsa a resort on the island of Corfu in the Ionian Sea. As her father wanted to expand his career he went to Germany while Vicky grew up at her grandmother’s house until the age of five. In 1958 her parents took her to Germany where she stayed with her father permanently after their divorce…
She revealed her talent at a very young age while taking guitar, music, dance, ballet and voice lessons. When she was almost 13 she released her first single “Messer, Gabel, Schere, Licht” which was an immediate success…
In 1967 she received an offer to sing for Luxembourg at the Eurovision Song Contest with the song “L’amour est bleu”. She finished in fourth place and was disappointed but the song became an all time classic evergreen and was a million selling single in all continents.
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Mitsuhiro Ueda
5 February 11
5 February 11, 03:28
I like her voice.
Efthymia Christofi
31 March 11
31 March 11, 14:29