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Born: 05-03-1966
From: Greece, Athens


Labis Livieratos (Greek: Λάμπης Λιβιεράτος) was born in Athens, is a popular Greek singer. His talent and love for acting, was the cause and the motive that led him in the world of entertainment and into the Greek music scene.
In 1987 Labis graduated from the dramatic school of G. Theodosiadis. His first theatrical performance was during the winter of 1988 in a play called "Xenodohio O Paradisos" (Paradise Hotel). Two years later he got his first break by appearing in various theater and TV productions. Labis passionately wanting to expand his talents and he made his first musical attempt in 1992 singing live at a night club. However, not until a couple of years later did he make his first appearance in discography with his participation in Thanos Kalliris' record with the song "O Neos Ine Oreos, Ma O Palios Ine Alios" (Young Is Beautiful But Old Is Something Else). He followed that up with a guest appearance on Alexis Papadimitriou's record with the track "O Kyklos Tou Erota" (The Circle Of Love).



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Most popular

1. Esi (4:22)
2. Paradise mou (4:42)
3. Tha dis (3:18)
4. Bam ke kato (3:22)
5. Pios ine avtos (3:26)
6. Kleftra (3:52)
7. Epistrofi stis rizes (3:35)
8. Bam ke kato (3:22)
9. Dakri dakri (4:02)
10. Tha dis (3:15)

On Air

Girna xana


Kakia sinithia (Valentino Remix)


Kakia sinithia (Valentino Remix)


Pente ellines ston Adi


Pente magkes ston Pirea




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