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Born: 1974
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From: Greece, Agrinio


Kostis Maraveyas, a versatile artist & original member of the Mediterranean music family, is a composer, arranger, singer, and instrumentalist. He is a skilled accordionist, guitarist, pianist, performer.
He entered the world music scene early, in 1998, as member of X Darawish, a multinational band based in Italy.
In 2003 he recorded his first solo album ‘Radiopirate’, rooted in his experience of living and musically acting both in Italy and Greece.
From 2003 to 2006 has joined numerous gigs and festivals all over Greece and Europe. He has collaborated with Dionisis Savopoulos, Evanthia Reboutsika, Panayotis Kalantzopoulos & Eli Paspala.
In July of 2007 Kostis has recorded his second album forming his new multiethnic band. In ‘ilegal’, Balkan electric guitars, Latin trumpets, Jewish saxophones, classical cello are perfectly fused together under ska, reggae, rock, punk, r&b rhythms, all influenced by traditional Greek, and gypsy melodies plenty of free improvisation parts.


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Τα εισιτήρια για το ARK Festival Βόλου μπορούν να αγοραστούν με την Τοπική Εναλλακτική Μονάδα (ΤΕΜ)

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27 March 12, 02:19
Στα πλαίσια στήριξης της τοπικής κοινωνίας, τo ARK Festival Βόλου συνεργάζεται με το Δίκτυο Ανταλλαγών και Αλληλεγγύης Mαγνησίας και προσφέρει στα μέλη του Δικτύου και στους κατοίκους της Μαγνησίας τη δυνατότητα να προμηθευτούν το εισιτήριό τους για το φεστιβάλ με την Τοπική Εναλλακτική...

Most popular

1. Den zitao polla (3:18)
2. Ase me na bo (3:24)
3. Pou na vro mia na sou ... (3:20)
4. Welcome To Greece (3:37)
5. Fila me akoma (Baciami... (4:24)
6. Trelo apo hara (3:13)
7. Zartiniera ilegkal (3:10)
8. Dio ginekes (3:23)
9. Den zitao polla (3:23)
10. Diktator Des Marktes (2:33)

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