Master Tempo


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Founded: 2007
From: Greece, Thessaloniki


MASTER TEMPO released their debut album called DOGGY STYLE in 2008. The group was formed in 2004 by PETER D and took its final shape with the inclusion of Zanis in 2006. Performing and producing pop/R&B hits as a solo act or with superstar collaborations, it wasn’t until the inclusion of ZANIS’s Rapping and top-dollar producing skills in 2006 that MASTER TEMPO became the hottest hip-hop act and a producing force to be reckoned with.
In less than two years they have already written-composed & produced hits & remixes for a diverse set of artists, from Greek Superstars Christos Dantis,Thanos Petrelis, Stamatis Gonidis, Christos Menidiatis, Nikos Vertis, Zafeiris Melas, Nikos Makropoulos, Kalomoira, Xryspa, Giorgos Giasemis, Kostas Karafotis and others to up & coming newcomers Aggelos Andreatos and celebrity top model turned singer Gogo Mastrokosta and Natali Thanou.
With their first album "Doggy Style" out and their productions & DOGGY STYLE parties in demand all over the country, the sky is the limit for Greece’s dynamic duo,


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Most popular

1. Ehis themata (Remix) (3:28)
2. Edo gia sena (4:14)
3. Anantikatastati (Maste... (3:17)
4. Magnitis (3:37)
5. Edo gia sena (4:10)
6. Xehna ta palia (3:19)
7. Trelenome (3:22)
8. Koritsi mou lipame (In... (2:10)
9. Stihima (Master Tempo ... (3:26)
10. Os to proi (3:47)

On Air

Hilies fores agapi mou

by Bratseri Eleni_

As xehasoume sto tagko


Sto kalo na pas

by Bratseri Eleni_

Goitia glikia

by Bratseri Eleni_

Den tha horisoume pote

by Bratseri Eleni_

Pame sto Faliraki


Ta filla peftoun

by Bratseri Eleni_, Trio Athinon


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