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Founded: 2000
From: Greece, Athens


Matisse formed in Athens, Greece, in early 2000 and has been performing since;In the summer of 2003, they released an EP, simply entitled ‘4’, through the Columbia label and 2 years later- after a nine month long recording phase- their first album, ‘Cheap As Art’.In the summer of 2005 and a few days after the release of their debut, Matisse opened the first day of Greece’s most prestigious rock festival, Rockwave, for Garbage and Marilyn Manson.
In December 2006 matisse supported the Kaiser Chiefs for their tour in Greece and warmed up the crowd in all three solid packed venues.Kaiser Chiefs later recommend Matisse as one of the most interesting bands they’ve heard.
What is truly interesting is the way the band has changed since their debut release. A change that is obviously portrayed throughout the songs of 2nd full album, Toys Up(2007).
From the first riveting chords of the album opener, Call Me, Call Me, and the binding first words “I tried to make up verses and came up with the magic spell”, up until the soothing, wash like romance of Tel Aviv (Hill Of Springs) that concludes it matisse jump head on into a new sound.


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Ελληνικά τραγούδια με ξένους στοίχους

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29 July 11, 15:21
Κάθε φορά, που ανοίγω την αρχική σελίδα του, κοιτάζω πρώτα τις νέες αφίξεις στα CD. Για μένα έχουν ενδιαφέρον τα νέα ονόματα, επειδή ξέρω περίπου – τι να περιμένω από τους ήδη γνωστούς καλλιτέχνες. Έχω και μια αίσθηση προσμονής προτού ακούσω κάποιο κομμάτι, σαν το παιδί...

Most popular

1. Listen To The Drunk (2:24)
2. Agkistri (4:14)
3. Today (3:55)
4. X (4:11)
5. Sorry (4:12)
6. Today (0:57)
7. Happily Never After (4:34)
8. Sunny Mae (3:47)
9. Sunny Mae (3:36)
10. An m' agapas (4:28)

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Kakia sinithia (Valentino Remix)


Kakia sinithia (Valentino Remix)


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