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Born: 18-07-1979
From: Greece, Athens


Born in Athens in 1980 he did not take long to express his love for music and singing.
He sais he has three “birthplaces”: Athens, where he was born, Thessaloniki, his father’s birthplace and Naxos, his mother’s birthplace.
His father, Dimitris Vyzas. is one of the most important and famous players of bouzouki (he worked with the best greek singers like Stelios Kazantzidis, Panos Gavalas, Litsa Diamanti, Eleni Vitali, e.t.c.) and his grandmother is the most important and famous greek singers in tradiotional music, Eirini Konitopoulou Legaki.
Stelios Maximos studied music and begun singing professionally from his 20 years.
Since his first contact with singing, he expressed his love for the greek kind of music “laiko” and he became well known for the mature and special colour of his voice!
His first album “M agapaei o Theos teleftaia” (“God loves me lately”) was produced in March of 2006. The homonymous song was a great succes and introduced him to the audience, while two more songs, “Harismena” (Given away”) and “Mi mou les” (“Don’t tell me”) became very popular too! At the same time these three successful songs were visualized by some of the greatest directors in greek music industry.


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Most popular

1. Ikariotikos (2:50)
2. Ikariotiko (2:52)
3. Pia stigmi (3:09)
4. O monos anthropos (4:02)
5. Pios ine avtos (3:10)
6. Me pio dikeoma (3:18)
7. An me hriastis (3:39)
8. Ama figis (2:35)
9. Les polla ma liga kanis (3:44)
10. Genethlia Monaxias (4:09)

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