Melas Zafiris


Fans (11)

Born: 13-10-1952
From: Greece, Xanthi


Zafiris Melas, a brilliant person, a fine artist, a valuable ornament of greek song, the always ours one, the simple, approachable person.
He was born at Xanthi, on the 13th of October and was raised in a neighbourhood among poor people, yet with rich sentiments. The loss of his parents, turned out to be a turning point in his life, which is something that forced him to be lonely among three sisters, at a very sensitive age. These were coincidences that forced Zafiris to struggle in life since his early childhood. However, through this ceaseless struggle, he was given the chance to express the bursting vigour that distinguishes him, the endless love he has for the fellow-beings and of course, the unique tamperament of his, regarding music and singing. These years, composed the stamp of his creativity.
Since an early age, his inclination about music and song, was distinguished. Thus, he was found, later, singing in groups of folkloric songs. There, he learnt and loved the folk songs. Through this singing-wandering, he was 'detected' by Antonis Stamboulis and Poly Vairemidi, the owners of record company - Cosmos.


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Most popular

1. Adiaforo (4:45)
2. Ego tragoudaga (2:22)
3. S' agapao kita (4:03)
4. To prosopo sou miazi (1:27)
5. O kosmos ine mia stalia (3:21)
6. Den iparhi antidoto (3:22)
7. Adia mou kardia (4:23)
8. Touto to kalokeri - Ex... (5:58)
9. Gamo tin kalosini mou (3:48)
10. Mia foni (4:04)

On Air

Tetia koukla ke tsahpina


Sta vrahia tis piraikis


Me klama ke me pono


Dio portes ehi i zoi


Tin edioxa omos tin agapo


Vorias in' i agapi sou


As pan stin evhi ta palia



Hrisy Iseto
5 January 11
5 January 11, 17:50
BOG !!! bojestwen glas ;(
Maria Verra
8 January 11
8 January 11, 18:48
Blaga Ovcharova
18 January 11
18 January 11, 20:24
Mitko Qnkov
30 January 11
30 January 11, 21:14
19 February 11
η φυχη ειναι τωσο μεγαλη που βγαινουν ολες η γλυκες μελωδιες
Nina Veselova
2 March 11
2 March 11, 21:31
sagapo zafiris melaz
Angel Asenov
17 March 11
17 March 11, 22:36
zafiris melas is the best
Giorgia Kostadinova
5 April 11
5 April 11, 22:52
Zafiris Melas.......bellisime canzoni , sei grandeeee........
Lubo Petrov
28 April 12
28 April 12, 19:24
zafiris melas tisi nai velikia (y)