Mousikes Taxiarhies


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Founded: 1980
From: Greece, Athens


"Mousikes Taxiarhies" (Musical Brigades, Greek: Μουσικές Ταξιαρχίες) made their first appearance in the mid 1970s, performing in various pubs. Panousis was the vocalist and main composer of the group. Their first (unofficial) album was "Disco Tsoutsouni" (Disco Weenie) released in 1980. It was an illegally published tape, many songs of which were later rerecorded for the band's official debut, their eponymous album in 1982. The band went under the alias "Alamana's Bridge" to make a guest appearance with two songs in the compilation album "Made in Greece". In 1986, Mousikes Taxiarhies was disbanded and Panousis went solo. His subsequent successful career showed that he could be a band on his own.


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Most popular

1. To pedi tou solina (4:12)
2. Fasmbinter ke xero psomi (2:10)
3. Fasmbimber ke xero psomi (4:21)
4. Disco Tsoutsouni (2:55)
5. Ena tragoudi gia to hi... (4:42)
6. Fasmbinter ke xero psomi (4:20)
7. To pedi tou solina (4:12)
8. Kagkela pantou (3:46)
9. Kagkela pantou (3:44)

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Idou o nimfios erhete


Menexedenia ta vouna


O horos tou nerou


Tin agapi gia na mathis



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