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Born: 1961


Sakis Papadimitriou was born in Aegio of Achaia. He is a graduate of Philosophical Faculty University of Ioannina, Pedagogic Academy of Ioannina, Pedagogic Department University of Patras , doctorand of Philosophy of Education of Pedagogic Department University of Patras .
Completing his studies in the classic guitar music theory and Byzantine music taking lessons from important Greek but also foreigner teachers he taught as professor of classic guitar and later of many traditional instruments in a lot of conservatoires and gives concerts, recitals, and seminars in a lot of cities dealing at the same time with the music composition.
In 1991 he founds the MUSICAL INSTITUTE of AEGIO Always with his own assiduity and artistic directory the orchestra of M.EA collaborate in concerts and theatre- musical productions with famous artists of greek traditional music (Domna Samiou, Hronis Aidonidis, Marisa Koch, Savvas Siatras, Dikaia Hatzidaki, Christos Sikkis, Mpampis Tsertos, Nadia Karagjanni) having as main collaborators Dora Petridi and Anni Onoufriou.


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1. Ton trifero ton erota (3:00)
2. Xenitemeno mou pouli (4:24)
3. Otan pino to krasi (3:03)
4. I sinavlia ton Giakint... (5:01)
5. Rima (2:27)
6. Stigmes (4:18)
7. I sinavlia ton Giakint... (5:44)
8. Piima gia tin Eleni (4:42)
9. Kalimera Niogambre (5:55)
10. I mouses ke o erotas (3:07)

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