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Founded: 1850
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From: Greece


Rebetiko, plural rebetika, (Greek ρεμπέτικο and ρεμπέτικα respectively), occasionally transliterated as Rembetiko, is the name for a type of Greek urban folk music.
A roots music form of sorts, the sound of the genre reflects the combined influences of European and Middle Eastern music.
Rebetiko music has sometimes been called the Greek blues, since like the blues, it grew out of a specific urban subculture and reflected the harsh realities of an oppressed subculture's lifestyle: poverty, alienation, crime, drink, drugs prostitution, and violence. But rebetiko's subject matter also extends to other subjects: romance and passion, social matters, people such as the mother, death, the difficulties of living in a foreign country, army life, war, trivial matters of everyday life, exotic places, poverty, labor, illnesses, and the minor sorrows of people. Also like the blues, rebetiko progressed from being a music associated with the lower classes to becoming during the 1960s and later a revived musical form of wide popularity, especially among younger people.


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Most popular

1. Angelokamomeni (3:07)
2. Eprepe na' rhosouna (2:55)
3. Sta klista parathira (3:01)
4. Ematha pos ise magkas (2:23)
5. I pentamorfi (3:04)
6. Boukaran magkes ston teke (2:51)
7. Gkiouzeli (3:48)
8. Magkas vgike gia sergiani (2:23)
9. Pezi to baglamadaki (3:00)
10. Otan simvi sta perix (1:01)

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