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Born: 05-09-1977
From: Greece, Lamia


He was born in Lamia, a city of Greece , in 1977.
The admiration to his musician grandfather( he was playing guitar and harmonica) brought him to the magical world of music since his early childhood.
He started to sing and play guitar in public when he was 15, solo or with bands.
In 1996 , he moved to Athens City cause of his entrance to the National Technology University of Athens( NTUA). He studied Mechanical Engineering. During the same time in Athens he continued his music studies on guitar, vocal and theory lessons.
The composer and songwriter Nikos Zoudiaris first time met him when Apostolos Rizos was 19 years old, in Athens music scene “ Chamam”. Apostolos was singing there in the gigs of the songwriters Takis Bourmas and George Zikas. Three years later Nikos Zoudiaris published his new cd album “Enas kyknos klaiei” with the young singer.(p+c 2000,by minos-EMI ) Almost one year later the music meeting of Nikos Zoudiaris and Apostolos Rizos was continued to the cd single “fysalida”.


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Most popular

1. Koutso stratiotaki (4:22)
2. Kapios tragoudouse (2:57)
3. Thelo (3:50)
4. Mi fevgis (3:00)
5. Hilia skalopatia (3:06)
6. Pehnidia (4:45)
7. To Dentro (3:39)
8. To vasilema pou pefti (3:03)
9. Gineka ton gkremon (4:16)
10. Otan sigovrehi ise edo (4:53)

On Air

De variese, de variese


To himona sillogieme


Mi figis apo mena


Prin klisoume ta matia mou


Gineka tis nihtas koureli




Hasapiko me baglama


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