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Born: 15-06-1946
From: Egypt, Alexandria


Artemios (Demis) Ventouris Roussos (born June 15, 1946) is a Greek singer.
He was born in Egypt to ethnic Greek parents George and Olga (Engineer Yorgos Roussos) , and raised in Alexandria. His parents lost everything and moved to Greece after the Suez Crisis.
After settling in Greece, Demis participated in a series of musical groups beginning with The Idols when he was 17. After this he joined We Five (not the San Francisco, California folk-rock group), another covers band which had limited success in Greece.
He came to a wider audience in 1968 when he joined progressive rock band Aphrodite's Child, initially as singer but later also playing bass guitar. His distinctive operatic vocal style helped propel the band to international success, notably on their final album 666, which became something of a cult classic.
Solo career
After Aphrodite's Child disbanding, Roussos continued to record sporadically with former bandmate Vangelis. In 1970 the two released Sex Power (although the album has also been disputably credited to Aphrodite's Child), also recording the 1977 album Magic together.


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5. My Friend The Wind (5:29)
6. When A Man Loves A Woman (2:41)
7. En Mediteranee [Mesogios] (3:32)
8. Spleen (3:47)
9. Mon Amour De Sable Et ... (3:12)
10. Tropicana Bay(Duet Wit... (4:07)

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Nicole Gray
25 February 11
25 February 11, 23:48
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