Sofi & New Hopes

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Founded: 1969
Disbanded: 1972
From: Greece, Pireus


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Most popular

1. Koritsi xantho (2:52)
2. Eho vri mia agapi (3:20)
3. I Found A Love (2:36)
4. Panta perimeno (3:36)
5. Mia agapi esvise (3:12)
6. Pio psila ki apo t' astra (3:36)
7. Antzelina (3:13)
8. Eho vri tin agapi (2:33)
9. Koritsi xantho (2:53)
10. Pio psila ap' t' asteria (3:37)

On Air

To vals ton hamenon oniron


Qui Di Sposa Eterna Fede

by Callas Maria (feat. Tullio Serafin)

Sulla Tomba Che Rinserra

by Callas Maria (feat. Tullio Serafin)

Regnava Nel Silenzio

by Callas Maria (feat. Tullio Serafin)

Kalisperizo dio adelfes

by Horodia

Apopse tin kithara mou


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