Terzis Pashalis


Fans (42)

Born: 1949
From: Greece, Pilea, Thessaloniki


Terzis was born in 1949, in Pylaia, a suburb of Thessaloniki, Macedonia, Greece. In his early teens he began to sing with friends, some of whom helped him in his career. After moving to Athens, he began perform as a back-up vocalist in popular music centres, with famous Greek singers of the 1960s, including Jenny Vanou.
Since the 1980s, Terzis has recorded several albums, several of which remain popular to the present day. Even now, he is a very popular singer, recording, performing on famous music scenes of Athens and Thessaloniki, and appearing on talk shows.


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Most popular

1. Adiaforo (4:45)
2. Fantasou (2:58)
3. Kratise me edo konta sou (3:37)
4. To eteron sou imisi (3:54)
5. Ti sou ftei (2:56)
6. To prosopo sou miazi (1:27)
7. Ergenis (3:53)
8. Afise me mono (3:29)
9. Dio nihtes mono (3:42)
10. Ennea ogdoa (3:55)

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Rita Galeifoy
8 January 11
8 January 11, 07:59
o pasxalis erminebi me psixi ke pathos .tixeri osi sinergazonte mazitou. ego ime telios atixi den ton exo oute apo konta diiii,as elpiso namou xamogelasi kai mena i tixi.
Васил Мустаков
9 January 11
9 January 11, 22:33
pio kalos tragostis ve ni parhi
Nicholas Pikos
14 January 11
14 January 11, 08:26
αγαπιτε κυριε τερζι.ευχαριστο που υπαρχισ ,με τι υπεροχι φονη σου,σασ αγαπαμε οικογενιακοσ,θα θελαμε να σε δουμε και καπια στιγμι στιν ροδο..ισε για μασ ο καλιτεροσ τραγουδιστισ που υπαρχει,,πολλα φιλια απο ροδο,οι φιλοι σου νικοσ και ποπη
Kristina Veleva
19 January 11
19 January 11, 21:47
Μου αρέσει να ακούν μόνο Πασχάλη Terziz .... ..... Τον θαυμάζω για μένα αυτός είναι το νούμερο 1
Dimitris Vassiliou
24 June 12
24 June 12, 19:18