Thalassohoris Konstantinos


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Born: 08-08-1976
From: Greece, Athens


 Konstantinos Thalassohoris is one of the singers and song writers of the new greek music generation, which had been distinguished from the very first moment of his appearence. So much so that his musical background showed not only his versatile talent but his love and passion for studying music and song, which made him a household name with many of his musical peers.
Originally born in Peristeri (Athens), his musical studies started at the age of nine at the “Hellenic School of Music” and continued at the “National School of Music” in Athens. During his adolescence living in Nafplio, he and his friends created their own music band and had their first performance with great success.
At the age of 18, he won his first award at the music contest of Argolis. While Konstantino was in college at the "Marketing School" in Thessaloniki, he performed all four years in sundried boats, small cafes, and rembetika (stores with live folk Greek music). Within that period in Thassaloniki, he composed "To Forema to Thalassi" (The Sea Blue Dress).
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4. To forema to thalassi (4:18)
5. Se onirevome (2:46)
6. De niazese (3:54)
7. To forema to thalassi (4:13)
8. Ine ekini pou agapoun (4:20)
9. Ftes (4:01)
10. Ime allos tin imera (4:32)

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