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Born: 03-2004
Web site:
From: Greece, Athens


Maria Kourmouli - lead vocals, backing vocals
Stelios Savranakis - guitars
Niki Karageorgou - keyboards, samples and backing vocals
Dimitris Kalantzis- drums
Duru- bass
Transistor is an alternative pop/rock band from Athens, formed back on March 2004. You can find their first ever song "Living" into "Blessed and Cursed" complilation album, in a "Last chance" remix by Dimitris Papaspyropoulos (Dec 2004). Since then they've done various live acts, performing in several places and events such as: Rodon, An Club, European Music Day, Manifest II Festival (Patras), Kyttaro live, Gagarin 205 etc.
In the beginning of 2008 two of Transistor members (Maria & Niki), composed the soundtrack for the theatrical play "Sto Vytho", directed by Roula Pateraki and produced by the National Theater. The whole musical score was recorded and performed by Transistor.
On June 2008 Transistor was the opening act for Ejekt Festival and appeared on stage before James, UNKLE, Stereo Mc's etc.
Transistor's debut album "Things You Miss When You Blink" is out and in shops since June 2008.


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Most popular

1. Living (Last Chance Mix) (5:18)
2. Baby Douglas (4:19)
3. Follow Me (5:04)
4. Big Love (4:30)
5. E.B. No Thanx (5:06)
6. Epsilon (4:29)
7. Living (5:21)
8. For These Two (4:36)
9. So Bored (4:54)
10. Put The Piano Back (4:30)

On Air

Agios magkas


Thelo na paris i.h.


Tha 'thela na 'soun to teri mou


Sou sfirizo


Ti in' avto pou to lene agapi


Mia gineka dio antres


Ego tha kopso to krasi


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