Trio Vambari


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Founded: 1936
Disbanded: 1950
From: Greece


My name is Peter Vambaris, son of Anastassios Vambaris. This picture is of my father and his two sisters. During the war, my father and his two sisters continued to entertain and also passed secret messages from the English to the Greek underground against the invading German army.
After the war, my father met my mother in 1949 and they emmigrated to Sydney Australia early 1950. They had a child (me) in 1951.
Whilst he was a taleneted singer composer, unfortunately there was no opportunity to continue this type of work in Australia. So to support his family he worked as a basic labourer in an Ice Cream factory, while still composing songs and entertaining the local Greek audiences with his orchestra at clubs and functions on Saturday nights.
Unfortunately he suffered from a heart condition early in his life around1960, most probably as a result of heavy smoking and catching pneomnia during his career in the Greek army.
In 1961 we all returned to Athens Greece, in the hope that he could work in the music industry, but other than a few songs that he wrote and recorded in the studio, his heart condition worsened so we returned back to Sydney not long after.
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