Tsiamoulis Hristos


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Born: 17-06-1961
Web site: www.tsiamoulis.com
From: Greece, Athens


Christos Tsiamoulis is wandering from the beginning of his life in these paths of Hellenic Tradition Music. He discovers the old ancient motives, and the diachronic elements, he is studing them, he maintains them with respect and devotion, while it gives all the taste in order to maintains them live and always topical the Greek Musical Treatise.
Born in Athens in 1961 he studied guitar and theory at the National Conservatory of Athens. From 1980 he turned to the study of Greek traditional music and the learning of traditional instruments such as the oud, both types of laouto, tampoura, one originating from Constantinople and the other from mainland Greece, the tampoura with a bow, the lyre originating from Constantinople, the "kementze", the nei, the kaval and others.
He obtained his Diploma in Byzantine music under L. Aggelopoulos and acquired many students for the theory and practice of ecclesiastical music. Since 1985 he teaches in Conservatories and music schools: The Cultural Center of Peristeri, The Goulandris - Horn Foundation, The Skalkota Conservatory, The Perissos School, The Music Secondary School of Haidari, The Museum of Popular Instruments, The Municipal Conservatory of Patra.


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