Vaka Amalia


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Born: 1890
Died: 1980
From: Greece, Ioannina


Amalia Vaka was born in Giannena in 1890. She died in 1980 in USA. Along with M.Papagkika, K.Koula, Ang.Karagianni, Verginia Magkidou she was one of the representers of Greek music in US.


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Most popular

1. M' ipes na gino magkas (2:58)
2. O bermbantis (3:26)
3. O bermbantis (3:43)
4. Kimoume me anastenagmo (2:55)
5. Ta matakia sou pouli mou (3:06)
6. M' ipes na gino magkas (2:55)
7. Paramana kouna kouna (3:27)
8. Adam aman, sti mavri g... (3:56)
9. O bermbantis (3:23)
10. Paramana kouna kouna (3:21)

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