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Born: 1971
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From: Greece, Melbourne


The Greek composer, painter and videoartist Konstantinos Vita (also known as Konstantinos Beta and K Bhta) was born in Melbourne, Australia, where he studied painting and history of art. Then he moved to Athens, where he studied graphic design and in 1992 was one of the founder members of Greece’s finest electronic group, Stereo Nova.
In 1996, after five albums, he disbanded the group to follow a solo career. He has written music for film, theatre and dance productions, covered songs by Manos Hadzidakis (Transformations, 2003) and exhibited his paintings and videos (Soundscapes, 2005).
Striking a near-perfect balance between hard-core electronica and emotive lyricism, between introspection and the pulse of city life he also composed the music for Dimitris Papaioannou’s (the acclaimed Olympic Ceremonies art director) enormously successful production “2”, winning over a broader public and earning himself his first gold record.
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Most popular

1. I gerani (4:02)
2. Neo vadisma (2:38)
3. I ora (5:19)
4. I orea Eleni (5:26)
5. To tragoudi tis Marias (4:58)
6. Rythm Wanna Come (4:52)
7. Olo avto pou pote (4:29)
8. Ena pehnidi (4:50)
9. Hrisallida (4:41)
10. Olo avto pou pote (4:33)

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Na ΄moun aitos

by Marina

Den ton ida

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O vasilias tis kardias


O xilinos stavros


Perimeni o ouranos(Gero Noe)


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